The Author
A Little Left of Center

Daniel Hertzler grew up in Berks County, Pennsylvania. As this book recounts, he was an editor at Mennonite Publishing House, Scottdale, Pennsylvania from 1952 to1990. He edited Mennonite Community Magazine, Christian Living, Builder, Gospel Herald, and a variety of Christian education publications.

In 1960 he was ordained to the ministry by Allegheny Mennonite Conference for his work as an editor. He has held a variety of offices in the conference, including moderator and chair of the Leadership Commission.

As described in A Little Left of Center, Hertzler was late to school a number of times and also late in leaving school. His last foray into higher education was undertaken after retirement, when he studied for an S.T.M. degree at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and wrote a thesis on “The Rhetoric of the Parable of the Sower in the Gospel of Mark.”

Hertzler is now an instructor for Unit II of Pastoral Studies Distance Education and an editor for Pandora Press U.S. He and his wife Mary are members of Kingview Mennonite Church, Scottdale.

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