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A Little Left of Center

"What a fascinating glimpse into the life and times of a respected editor in the Mennonite Church! Along the way we get an insider’s view on church politics, wry comments on matters large and small, funny anecdotes, and theological musings.

"Just as Dan remembers the phone call from Paul Erb that led to his service at Mennonite Publishing House, I too remember—vividly—Dan’s phone call to me to join him with Gospel Herald as managing editor.

"He is an unforgettable character, and this book brings him to life—whether you knew Dan personally or through his editorials. I probably averaged two chuckles a page.
Steve Shenk, Director of Communications, Eastern Mennonite University

"Here Dan Hertzler tells about life—his life, congregational life, and institutional life in the Mennonite Church. In his off-hand yet direct style Hertzler lets us in on the fascinating, occasionally messy, yet richly rewarding story of his adventures from a Depression farm boy to the inner reaches of the Mennonite Church.

"Touches of dry humor and an ability to cut quickly to the heart of a situation are gifts that help make this a fascinating read to those who wonder what ‘really happened.’ As a long-time editor and writer Hertzler gives readers a first-person account of the way of publishing in the Mennonite Church during his era and the way it developed. It is a story told with deep appreciation but also with candor and honesty."
Wayne North, Retired Pastor, Harrisonburg, Virginia

"Hertzler deftly weaves together personal narrative, institutional history, zesty anecdotes, and pearls of wisdom. This is more than an editor's memoir—it's a window into recent ecclesial and theological dynamics in the Mennonite church, and into social transformations in twentieth-century North American life.

"Dan mentored a generation of us into writing for denominational publications and hence into deeper commitments to the church, thereby extending his editorial impact beyond what any one person could accomplish alone. This memoir is a testimony to his humble spirit, graceful nurturing, and thoughtful discernment."
Keith Graber Miller, Professor of Bible, Religion, and Philosophy, Goshen (Ind.) College

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