Education with
the Grain of the Universe
A Peaceable
Vision for the Future of  Mennonite
Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Foreword by Susan Schultz Huxman     12
Editor’s Preface     15
Introduction     17

Chapter One:  The Story of Jesus: “The Grain of the Universe”
J. Denny Weaver  •  25

Part One: Theology and Ethics

Chapter Two:  True Evangelical Scholarship: Metaphysics and Mennonite Education
Justin Heinzekehr  •  61

Chapter Three:  Salvaging Mennonite Theological Education: Imitating Black Faith as it Imitates Christ
Drew G. I. Hart  •  74

Chapter Four:  From Goshen to Delano: Toward a Relational Mennonite Studies
Felipe Hinojosa  •  87

Chapter Five:  Mennonite Education, Pluralism, and the Dialogical Nature of Truth
Benjamin Bixler  •  99

Part Two: The Bible

Chapter Six:  Biblical Interpretation in an Anabaptist Perspective: Canon as Choir
Laura L. Brenneman  •  117

Chapter Seven:  Divine Violence and the Old Testament
J. Denny Weaver  •  125

Chapter Eight:  Reading the Apocrypha
Jackie Wyse-Rhodes with Afterword, Anabaptist Use of the Apocrypha, by J. Denny Weaver  •  141

Part Three: Ecclesiology

Chapter Nine:  Making Peace with Ourselves: Mennonite Peace
Education and Intrachurch Conflict
Hannah E. Heinzekehr  •  155

Chapter Ten:  Thinking of Myself as Your Servant is a Bad Idea: Mennonite Education and the Problem of the Servant Leadership Paradigm
Malinda Elizabeth Berry  •  164

Chapter Eleven:  Why the Anabaptist Academy Should Go to Church
Gerald J. Mast  •  181

Chapter Twelve:  Searching for Self: Community as Conduit for God’s Deepest Transformation
Sarah Ann Bixler  •  194

Part Four: Literature from the Margins

Chapter Thirteen:  Learning to Listen in Greg Bechtel’s “Smut Stories”
Daniel Shank Cruz  •  213

Chapter Fourteen:  Mennonite and Mormon Women’s Life Writing
Rebecca Janzen  •  223

Part Five: Peace and Conflict Studies

Chapter Fifteen: Peace Studies and International Law
Lowell Ewert  •  245

Chapter Sixteen:  Only Just War: The Broken Logic of Necessary Evil and Functional Violence
Rudi Kauffman  •  256

Part Six: Local Applications

Chapter Seventeen:  Restorative Justice in Schools
Lonna Stoltzfus  •  283

Chapter Eighteen: Forgiveness
J. Denny Weaver  •  294

Chapter Nineteen:  Teaching the “Pacifist’s Dilemma”
Zachary Walton  •  304

Chapter Twenty:  Bringing Christian Students to Peace with Darwin
Angela Horn Montel  •  320

Conclusion     331
Bibliography     335
Index    353
The Contributors     361