Living Issues Discussion Series

The Living Issues Discussion Series is edited by Michael A. King and published by Cascadia Publishing House LLC (earlier by Pandora Press U.S.) as well as sometimes copublished with Herald Press. Cascadia Publishing House, in consultation with its Editorial Council as well as volume editors and authors, is primarily responsible for content of these studies. Tpically through a main text followed by materials providing affirming and critical reactions from respondents, these volumes address "living issues" likely to benefit from lively and serious discussion.

1. To Continue the Dialogue:
Biblical Interpretation and Homosexuality

Edited by C. Norman Kraus, 2001

2. What Does the Bible Really Say About Hell?
Wrestling with the Traditional View

By Randy Klassen, 2001

3. Reflecting on Faith in a Post-Christian Time (a revised and expanded edition of Theology in Postliberal Perspective, first published by SCM Press and Trinity Press International)
By Daniel Liechty, 2003

4. Stumbling Toward a Genuine Conversation on Homosexuality
Edited by Michael A. King, 2007

5. Theology As If Jesus Matters:
An Introduction to Christianity's Main Convictions

Ted Grimsrud, 2009

6. Rethinking Religion: Beyond Scientism, Theism,
and Philosophic Doubt

Alan Soffin, 2011

7. Discerning God's Will Today: Biblical Interpretation in the Free Church Tradition
Ervin R. Stuzman, 2013

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