The Geography of Our Faith

Edited by Ray Gingerich and Pat Hostetter Martin

Foreword by Stanley W. Green     11
Series Editor’s Preface     13
Editors’ Preface     14
Introduction by Nancy Heisey     17

Part I: Re-Envisioning Service as Educators

J. Kenneth Kreider    23
Service to Others: An Awesome Journey

Dale V. Ulrich    45
One Life, Many Educational Roles in Service

Emmert F. Bittinger    65
Heritage and Promise: Strands of an Eighty-Three-Year Journey

Carl S. Keener    89
The Evolution of My Years: A Stream of Life in Process

Part II:  Re-Envisioning Service as Writers and Publishers

Margaret Jantzi Foth    115
The Road Taken

Paul M. Schrock    141
From Reluctant Farmer to Passionate Book Editor

Earle W. Fike Jr.    161
Flock Chefing

Daniel Hertzler    183
Coming to Terms with Our Heritage

Part III:  Re-Envisioning Service as International, Relief, and Development Workers

R. Jan Thompson    205
From Small Town to an Extended World View

H. D. Swartzendruber    225
My Life and Times

Part IV:  Re-Envisioning Service as Interreligious Presence

Bertha Beachy    251
The Journey of My Life: Crossing Borders, Defying Boundaries

Kenneth L. Seitz Jr.    273
Thirty Years in and out of the Middle East and What Lies Between

Part V:  Re-Envisioning Service as Peacebuilders

Paul W. Roth    297
A Journey of Identity

Pat Hostetter Martin    311
Braiding the Strands of Life

Earl S. Martin    335
Bread Boys and Woodcutters

Edgar Metzler    357
An Autobiographical Stroll Through Sixty Years of Mennonite Peacemaking

Appendix by Calvin W. Redekop and Ray C. Gingerich     377
Notes on Contributors     385
Index     395


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