Theological Postings Series

Many faithful Christians seek to be informed about current events and apply their faith convictions to our complex and conflicted world. However, most have a hard time finding space in their busy schedules for scholarly inquiry and also experience a great deal of theological writing to be difficult to understand and apply. Many do not need to be convinced to take theology seriously so much as to be provided theological writing that meets them halfway—and provides them with access to the relevance of Christianity’s biblical-theological resources.

The concise volumes in the Theological Postings Series seek to meet this need. These books are grounded in solid scholarship but wear it lightly. They connect the biblical narrative and theological tradition with contemporary issues. Thus they provide an “exegesis” of the contemporary situation as well as of the biblical world and of the churches in history.

The Theological Postings Series is currently edited by Ted Grimsrud and C. Norman Kraus and released by Cascadia Publishing House LLC.

1. The Jesus Factor in Justice and Peacemaking
C. Norman Kraus, 2011

2. Discovering Forgiveness: Pathways Through Injury, Apology, and Healing
Larry A. Dunn, 2014

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