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Summary: Recovery from mental illness is an individual journey that takes place in the context of community support. The three stories on this DVD or VHS video (your choice) are based on live interviews with three persons in recovery, who reflect on their life experiences and what has moved them toward recovery. Portrayed are the lives of people who have experienced, in their life path, the disruption of mental illness and/or substance abuse and have found the strength and courage to keep moving forward to a life full of new meaning and purpose. Their unique stories echo themes of many who move on, and "Voices of Hope" is dedicated to them.

Comment: "My first reaction was amazement. It was well done, it was inspirational, and it was real."
—Marcia Gallagher, Director, Pottstown Hellwig House

"It touched my heart. I was with those guys. I too hear people say, 'You'll never get anywhere.'"
—Scott Schaffer, person in recovery

"It was an emotional experience. I was choked up."
Tom, person in recovery and mental health professional

Format: 25 minute DVD or VHS video
Prices: $
29.95 DVD or VHS
Produced by: Joan K. King and Jay Ruth
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Cascadia Publishing House
Shipping and handling: $2.95 U.S Media Mail for DVD, $3.95 U.S. Media Mail for VHS video

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