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Biblical Theologies of Land
and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Edited by Alain Epp Weaver

Foreword by John A. Lapp

Summary: Rooted in Mennonite Central Committee's nearly six decades of work alongside Palestinians and Israelis, Under Vine and Fig Tree examines ways in which the Bible has been used to justify violence and dispossession and ways it can be received as a life-giving word for Palestinians and Israelis wishing to live securely under their own vines and fig trees.

Comment: "This volume offers a careful and well-grounded study of the Scriptures, Old Testament and New, as they relate to the vexing questions of land ownership which lie at the root of the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict." —Dorothy Jean Weaver, Professor of New Testament, Eastern Mennonite Seminary

"This book offers a corrective perspective to common Christian Zionist understandings of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I hope it helps Christians in America more fully acknowledge the lens through which the Word of God is read, especially regarding current events in the Middle East." —Keith Weaver, Moderator, Lancaster Conference of the Mennonite Church USA

"This is an excellent resource! There is candor about violence and dispossession without hostility toward Israel." —Calvin E. Shenk, Author, Who Do You Say That I Am? and Professor Emeritus of Religion, Eastern Mennonite University

"With a historical timeline, maps, discussion questions, action suggestions, list of resources, and glossary of terms, this book makes an excellent introduction for those puzzled by the complexity of the Middle East conflict."— Patricia Shelly, Professor of Bible and Religion, Bethel College

"The living experience of the authors sharing in the hardships of this land has generated this book’s wisdom and witness. Their perspectives give depth to the theological exegesis of the local Palestinian people and land—considered by many theologians as the fifth gospel." —Zoughbi Zoughbii, Director, Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center

“The special contribution of this book is to connect the stories of suffering and struggle of families and villages with ancient and modern historic conflicts.” —John A. Lapp, in the Foreword

Market: Church study groups, church leaders, advocates for peace and justice, anyone interested in an insightful yet accessible analysis of how the Bible relates to the contemporary Middle East.

Shelving: Biblical studies—theology of land; Middle East—Israel; Palestine; History of and solutions to Israel-Palestine conflicts. BISAC: Religion, Social Sciences. RTM: 690 Religion/Ethicsgion, Social Sciences.

The Editor: Alain Epp Weaver, Chicago, Illinois, worked with Mennonite Central Committee in the Middle East in various capacities for over eleven years. He lived in the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Amman, Jordan. Together with his wife Sonia, Weaver wrote Salt and Sign: Mennonite Central Committee in Palestine, 1949-1999 (Akron, Pa.: MCC, 1999). He edited the volume Mennonite Theology in Face of Modernity and has had articles published in various academic and popular venues.

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Publication date: August 31, 2007
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