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To Continue the Dialogue
Biblical Intepretation and Homosexuality

Edited by C. Norman Kraus

Summary: Here, in this first volume in the Pandora Press U.S. Living Issues Discussion Series, are reasoned yet passionate calls for all who care about biblical interpretation, homosexuality, and discerning a way forward to join together, no matter their perspectives, in sober and prayerful deliberation under guidance of the Holy Spirit. Authors include Richard A. Kauffman, C. Norman Kraus, Marcus Smucker, David Schroeder, Paul M. Lederach, Melanie Zuercher, Ed Stoltzfus, Lin Garber, Michael A. King, Don Blosser, Carl Keener, Douglas Swartzentruber, A. James Reimer, Theodore Grimsrud, Reta Halteman Finger, Mark Thiessen Nation, and Carolyn Schrock-Shenk.

“Experts in 'polarity management' point out that, whereas problems can be solved and conflicts resolved, polarities can only be managed. Perhaps this is an issue for which there is no resolution. We can only work at managing the polarities, by which I mean maintaining an emphasis on both the love and holiness of God, both justice and righteousness in the covenant community, both forgiving and enabling grace. Unfortunately, not many of us are capable, as individuals, of holding such polarities in creative tension. That is why we need each other in the church. And why we need to keep persons of varying perspectives in dialogue with each other. May the dialogue continue.“ —Richard A. Kauffman, Pastor, Toledo (Oh.) Mennonite Church, in the Foreword

Providing a chapter of extensive responses are such authors as these:
“I heartily welcome this first effort among Mennonite scholars to publish a book-length resource examining biblical, theological, and pastoral issues about homosexuality.” —Sheldon Burkhalter

“We should indeed ‘continue the dialogue’ with the goal of enlarging our capacity to be both welcoming . . . and covenantal (disciplined).” —John A. Lapp

“This book . . . represents a courageous next step in the journey.” —Mary Schertz

“Let’s not continue the dialogue. . . . Homosexual behavior. . . . is sin. With some exceptions, the overarching intent . . . appears to be to question that.” —Richard A. Showalter

“There are strong . . . biblical word studies but the calculation seems to be not to offend [denominational positions adopted at] Purdue/Saskatoon.” —Elsie and Don Steelberg

“Though we are theoretically ‘people of the book,’ when push comes to shove we are very much ‘people of power politics. . . .’ —Elaine K. Swartzentruber

“The current state of conversation regarding homosexuality . . . is so polarizing leaders often feel neutralized.” —Anonymous Anabaptist Administrator

“This book is entitled To Continue the Dialogue. . . . A different stance might be more fruitful. That is a call to discernment.” —Willard M. Swartley

“This kind of resource is the necessary beginning point for true discernment.” —George R. Brunk III.

Market: Church leaders and pastors; students and scholars; church study groups; anyone interested in careful discussion of homosexuality.

Shelving: Homosexuality; Same-sex affection; Biblical interpretation; Theology—Anabaptist-Mennonite. BISAC: Religion, Social Sciences. RTM: 690 Religion/Ethics, 750 Sociology.

The Editor: C. Norman Kraus, Harrisonburg, Virginia, has taught at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Eastern Mennonite Seminar, Goshen College, and elsewhere. He has been a pastor and is author of many book, including The Community of the Spirit (Eerdmans, 1976; rev. Herald Press, 1993) and An Intrusive Gospel? Christian Witness in a Post-Modern World (Intervarsity, 1998).

Publisher: Pandora Press U.S. (not available from Herald Press)
Publication date: November 1, 2001
Series: Living Issues Discussion Series, volume 1
Approximate Pages: 332
Price: $23.95 US/Can
Format: 6 x 9 trade paper
ISBN: 0-9665021-01-5





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