Author's Note
True Confessions of a God Killer
A Postmodern Pilgrim's Progress

Emily Hedrick

I began writing this story as a gift to myself.  My spiritual life had become so messy and complex that I could only express myself in a symbolic concept:  I killed God. While the bare bones of the idea sustained me through an important time of growth, I recognized the necessity for me to flesh it out in fuller narrative form. Thus, True Confessions of a God Killer was born.

The story has changed, however. While when I began writing, it could have been considered an autobiographical allegory, it has undergone much editing both in concept and in form. The four-year project you are holding in your hands at this moment is fiction. I have created the characters in this story to fill roles needed to present ideas and emotions. They are not directly connected to me or people I know. I would appreciate if the reader would take this into account when embarking on this journey.

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