Author's Preface
Touched by Grace
From Secrecy to New Life

Ann Showalter

Foreword by John Weborg

The book you hold in your hand is a personal story of love, commitment to God and the church, and serving others. It is a story of suffering, betrayal, and a hidden life. It is a story of truth-telling, compassion, redemption, reconciliation, healing, and finally my husband’s death from AIDS.

We were parents of four adult children. The book leaves unanswered the questions many people have regarding the long-term response of our children to the discovery of their father’s sexual orientation and hidden life. Leaving such questions unanswered is intentional because that is not my story to tell but theirs.

I hope as you read the book you will discover that its central theme is not the details of my husband’s death or of my complicated grief or my work with people directly affected by AIDS but the grace of God that creates newness amid tragedy and death.

—Ann Showalter
Newton, Kansas

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