Advance Comment
Touched by Grace
From Secrecy to New Life

Ann Showalter

Foreword by John Weborg

"Ann Showalter's writing gives us a glimpse into the life of a contemporary psalmist. She had enough grasp and assurance of the largeness of God to offer God her grievances and candor in finding her way through a difficult storm. She gives the reader the comfort and hope that we just might become more rooted by going through whatever storm is before us. Ann writes her prayers, her griefs, sadnesses and questions, and winds her way to joy, praise and hope--similar to the Psalms. The writer confirms that no experience is wasted in our lives and instead something totally new can come out of pain and chaos. It's a privilege to read this tracing of the movement of grace in someone's life. This is a good book for church libraries to make available to congregations."
—Pam Dintaman, Pastor, Community Mennonite Church

"Ann's book--months before its release--already has a life all its own, beyond all boundaries, let loose in this world with the spiritual DNA of Christ. Reading, I resented every interruption as an intrusion on holy ground created for me. Ann's story proves the principle that what is most personal is the most universal. Her writing is simple and unadorned like her Amish childhood, explicitly and healthily both separating and connecting while disarmingly void of self-consciousness about a life that so easily could be sensationalized beyond our reach. Here is a very rich and nourishing read for all who hunger to see and taste Christ rather to read about him. Pastors, social workers, educators, counselors, theologians, religious leaders, physicians, nurses, administrators, cultural anthropologists--and all us ordinary folk who hunger for truth and wholeness--will discover in this book the treasure that treasures the reader."
—Rev. Walter S. Friesen, Ed.D., semi-retired pastor, counselor, educator, Mennonite Church-USA

"In this wise and insightful book the author takes us on a journey from her Amish roots, through marriage to a spouse who died of AIDS, to a ministry of pastoral care among grieving victims of AIDS in Chicago. A compelling account of vulnerability and courage, Ann's story explores complex ecclesial and social issues faced by homosexuals and those who love them. In this story of God’s healing presence in her life, she provides rich insights into personal suffering, pastoral care, and theological reflection. This is important reading for pastors and church leaders."
—Marcus Smucker, Professor Emeritus, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary

"Ann’s honesty and courage in the face of her husband’s homosexuality and AIDS not only brought healing to Ray and to their family but shaped the future of her ministry as a Mennonite pastor. Also, this book offers the Mennonite Church a new model for dealing with the homosexual persons in their midst."
—Norma S. Sutton, Professor of Theological Bibliography at North Park Theological Seminary, and Episcopal priest

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