That Amazing Junk-Man
The Agony and Ecstasy of a Pastor's Life

Stories make history and meaning come alive for us. The author of this work is a good storyteller. That Amazing Junk-Man is a good example of “time-binding power”—selecting from the past and channeling it into life again in the present.

There are many preachers who share with words, but not enough who share words with genuine empathy. Truman Brunk is one who is able to empathize, a preacher whose tone and spirit make his words sensitive and inspirational. His insights catch the spirit of Scripture and not just its letter, and his emphases lift the reader to new engagements with truth.

Beginning with the title story, “The Amazing Junk Man,” which tells of a person Truman knew as an inspiring presence, and proceeding through a series of stories and sermons, Truman steps into our lives in grace. He invites us to walk with him as together we walk with Jesus in life. Through the insights of history, Truman gives us in the present a still-living prophetic word from the past.

Having walked with Truman Brunk as a colleague in ministry at Eastern Mennonite University and beyond, I have been blessed by his spirit, enriched by his faith, and challenged by his vision. He and his wife Betty have been a refreshing couple in our circle of friends.

I am honored to write this foreword and to recommend this book as a special word of faith from an author who draws stories from over forty years of ministry for Christ. Having been privileged to call Truman to the pastoral role at Eastern Mennonite University, I have rejoiced in his ministry. Now I invite readers likewise to rejoice as Truman empowers us to see in one another the expressions of God’s grace.
—Dr. Myron S. Augsburger
President Emeritus, Eastern Mennonite University
Harrisonburg, Virginia

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