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That Amazing Junk-Man
The Agony and Ecstasy of a Pastor's Life

"For decades a pastor and overseer in the Mennonite Church, Truman Brunk offers us a rare invitation: to sit with him in the field of his own soul--that interior and holy space where the stories of his life and ministry are held. As Truman reflects on his pastoral experience in five Mennonite congregations and sifts through his collection of memories--the good, the bad, the amazing, and the difficult--he asks us if we can picture God bending low to hear his (and our) stories, and to extend his forgiveness and care. In these accounts we discover that this is the God whom Truman has come to know, love, and serve. This is the God whom we also meet as this son of a former Mennonite bishop learns the secret of being a child within the kingdom; the God who takes all the broken pieces and makes from them something precious. Here in these narratives--and in the presence of this seasoned pastor recounting them--we discover that the wall between this world and the heavenly realm is incredibly thin."
—Wendy Miller, Author, Jesus our Spiritual Director and Invitation to Presence: A Guide to Spiritual Disciplines

"Truman Brunk, storyteller extraordinaire, has finally committed some of his best to print. They come from his rich life as a builder of houses and more importantly as a builder of human beings. Truman has always been a pastor, even before he knew it. Growing up as he did in a family of pastors-and storytellers-he now can share with readers from that magnificent legacy. Some of his stories are part Garrison Keillor and part Mark Twain. Mostly they are the record of a person born into an unusual Mennonite community and during a very dynamic time. Filled with pathos, humor, and with the Holy Spirit these parables will enrich the lives of his readers."
—Gerald W Kaufman, L. Marlene Kaufman, Counselors and Authors

"The stories in Brunk’s moving and sensitive book show the full spectrum of a life well lived. The intergenerational framework beautifully portrays his background and reflects a gracious teacher and pastor on a journey of faith, hope, and learning—an inspiration for the reader’s self-reflection. Through the stories in this book, Truman vulnerably and humbly personifies the essence of compassion. A significant part of his life and ministry includes Betty, his unusually gifted wife and lifelong companion. Weaving together the Agony and the Ecstasy of a seasoned pastor, these stories are truly enriching!
—John and Naomi Lederach, Marriage Therapists (retired)

"These delightful reflections reveal the heart and mind of a beloved pastor who mentored thousands of students, leaders, and congregational members throughout a lifetime of ministry."
—Loren Swartzendruber, President, Eastern Mennonite University

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