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Rethking Religion
Beyond Scientism, Theism,
and Philosophic Doubt

Summary:  An atheist drawn to religion, Soffin shows how to conceptualize a "God" who is in and of the cosmos rather than also beyond it as theists affirm. This allows Soffin and those who see value in the path he blazes to embrace and value the treasures of religion even while not being theistic. Says Soffin, "For those who sense in modern life an underlying absence of fundamental meaning—yet fear self-deception in pursuing 'God'—there may be no recourse but to shoulder the burdens of reflection and begin the ancient journey anew." See a more comprehensive author overview here.

Excerpts from Responses Chapter

"From his discussion contrasting God as Creator with that of cosmic first cause, to his highly stimulating presentation of knowledge as true incarnation, and much more, this has been a book worth reading. . . . I feel it is at least part of my assignment as a respondent here to voice some criticism. So, to begin with, I am inclined to think that Soffin overly stresses the role of rationality in human existence. . . ." —Daniel Liechty, Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Illinois

". . . Soffin’s text brought to mind John D. Caputo’s seminal and provocative thought. . . . Although they stare at each other from across the chasm separating analytical from continental philosophical traditions, both authors seek a move into the ‘beyond’—beyond scientific materialism, beyond superstition, beyond religion (as institutionalized strictures), and even beyond the classical God himself (gendered language intended)." —Sharon L. Baker, Associate Professor of Theology and Religion, Messiah College

"Soffin and I have been back and forth on philosophy for fifty years. I’ve called him every nasty philosophical name I could think of—essentialist, rationalist, objectivist, foundationalist, anti-relativist—to no avail. Still he continues to pursue his quest for Truth and, in recent years, to encompass theology within the orbit of that quest. Thank goodness for that because Rethinking Religion repays careful examination of its unfolding arguments and bursts forth repeatedly with powerful, memorable prose." —Herbert W. Simons, Emeritus Professor of Communication, Temple University

Market: Targeted to students of theology and philosophy in both religious and secular colleges and universities, it should be of interest to anyone interested in faith, doubt, mystery, and in the possibility of genuine mutual learning when theists, atheists, or agnostics converse. 

Shelving:  Philosophy—of religion, atheism, theism; Theology; Religious Studies BISAC: Religion. RTM: 690 Religion/Ethics

The Author:  Alan L. Soffin, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, has taught philosophy, education and American Studies at Temple University. He has developed programs in international education with support from France and from the Goethe Society. He currently teaches philosophy, theology, and aesthetics in the adult learning center at Delaware Valley College.

Publisher: Cascadia Publishing House LLC
Potential Copublisher: none
Publication date: July 15, 2011
Pages: 438 with notes, bibliography, index, photos
Format: 6 x 9" trade paper
Prices: $29.95 US/Can. ISBN 13: 978-1-931038-80-5; ISBN 10: 1-931038-80-5


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