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Review/Desk Copy Policies for
Cascadia/Pandora U.S./DreamSeeker Books

We welcome requests for review/desk copies. Simply contact us with review requests using any of the e-mail, phone, or mail options at left and let us know what title(s) you wish to review.

Although we rely not on any formal enforcement mechanisms but simply on good faith responses from persons who request review, sample, or desk copies, our hope is that complimentary copies will in fact lead to a.) published reviews--in which case we appreciate receiving copies of reviews sent to 126 Klingerman Rd. Telford PA 18969; b.) sale of at least five copies due to course adoption; c.) addition to a retailer's inventory. If identifying a book published under our DreamSeeker Books imprint, we'd be pleased if you included mention of the DreamSeeker name.

Bloggers: We welcome your reviews and will provide free copies on same terms as above (subject to our assessment of whether your blog's audience and goals suit our books).

Note that for all our books you'll find online at www.CascadiaPublishingHouse.com excerpts, cover files, and much more. Or if to accompany a review you need specific materials (photos, cover files beyond those online, etc.), don't hesitate to ask. Many thanks for the interest in our books!

We reserve the right to change discount or other terms without notice.


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