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Comprehensive Online Order Form for
Cascadia Publishing House/Pandora Press U.S. Books

If you don't want to wade through the options. . , ..Just e-mail your name, address, book(s) ordered, and any discounts you believe apply to your order to contact@CascadiaPublishingHouse.com. Or—

  • Click here to use our Quick and Easy Order Form for simple orders.

  • Use our more comprehensive order form, below, if you want to be guided through such options as applying discounts or free shipping (on qualifying orders), shipping to Canada/overseas, expedited shipping, subscribing to DreamSeeker Magazine, or indicating whether you are a new or current InnerCircle Readers Club member.

  • Stores/wholesalers, you qualify for special discounts, just contact us for details.

Before shipping, we'll e-mail your total owed and enclose due-in-30-days invoice with order. No risk: If you ship books back within 30 days in salable condition, we'll cancel or refund your payment (you pay return shipping unless we made a mistake).

Note one-two week Cascadia order processing for individual customers: As part of focusing on publishing and wholesale rather than direct sales to individual customers, Cascadia is deemphasizing direct sales (though still able to fill direct orders when this is called for). When Cascadia does fill direct orders, these are often fulfilled through having books shipped direct from printer. This means orders can sometimes take a week or two or more to fill. You may often receive books faster if you order through such options as Amazon.com, BN.com, and other Internet retailers which often show Cascadia books as in stock for immediate shipment.


We simply need titles and quantity of books you want plus name, e-mail address, and billing/shipping address. Other boxes are optional. When we receive your order, we'll e-mail you confirmation, including total owed, then ship order with due-in-30-days invoice.

We'll calculate your order if you prefer. Just check this box if you want us to do all the figuring, including any discounts plus shipping costs. We'll still confirm your total before we ship your order.


INNERCIRCLE MEMBERSHIP (Optional, ignore if not interested)
Check this box if already an
InnerCircle Readers Club member
Check this box to join e-mail
Check this box to join U.S. Mail

To order, just select titles from boxes below or type titles in open boxes.

If ordering a Bargain Basement book, see the "Select Bargain Basement" boxes for discounted prices. If using your one-time 50% off InnerCircle discount, select from "IC 50% off" box and type in half the retail price.

See "Select DreamSeeker Magazine" for DSM subscriptions. Rates vary: Higher early in year to pay for full year, lower as year goes by to pay for whatever part of year remains, subscriptions renew each January, cancel any time, unused portion refunded. If Canada/overseas order DSM by direct e-mail, phone, or mail so we can provide your rates.

DISCOUNTS (Optional, ignore if not pursuing any discounts)
Check here if subtracting
discount(s) for which you're eligible. These include 15% off 3 or more books and 5% InnerCircle member discount off any order.

(1) Type in name and percentage of discount. Examples: IC 5%; 3-books 15%; IC+3-books 20%.

  Dollar amount of discount:
(2) Multiply subtotal by discount percentage. EX.: If 15% off multiply x .15
(3) Enter result in "Dollar amount of discount" box.
(4) Calculate and enter "Subtotal after subtracting discount."
  Subtotal after subtracting discount
SHIPPING (Shipping estimates are for time in transit after we process order.)

U.S. Media Mail shipping/handling within US:
(est. ship time 5-8 days) $3.95 first book, $1.00 each additional book.

Free? Or write in "free" if you qualify,
click here to check.

Canada air: $6.95 first book, $3.00 each additional book.

Overseas air: $14.95 first book, $3.50 each additional book.

Media Mail
Expedited shipping: Priority Mail/First Class in U.S. (est. ship 2-4 days) add $4.00 per order. Add extra
for Priority
PA State sales tax: Add 6% tax if PA resident.   PA Tax


Be sure to include starred items* so we have all the data needed to process your order or contact you in case of questions.

Zip/postal code*
  Optional: Add to "Comments" box anything you think
may help us process your order; we'll be sure to read it.
BILLING OPTIONS, check your preferred option
Bill me with order and I'll mail check (U.S. funds only) within 30 days.
Bill me and I'll send back invoice with VISA/MC card data in 30 days.
Using phone number given above, phone me to bill my card (VISA or MC only).


Print and mail: If you want to print and mail this form, feel free. Send to Cascadia Publishing House, 126 Klingerman Rd., Telford, PA 18969.


  • Pay offline by VISA/MC: We don't accept credit cards online but do offline. To activate offline VISA/MC payment, on order form above either (1) check that you'll return invoice with VISA/MC card data or (2) check your request for us to phone you for the data. Other options: You can also pay by VISA/MC if you order by phone at 1-215-723-9125, e-mail us requesting that we phone you, or let us know with any type of order that you want an invoice letting you pay by VISA/MC.

  • Use Visa/MC if in Canada/overseas: If you're in Canada/overseas and wish to pay in other than U.S. funds, we can arrange to take your order by credit card for automatic currency conversion; see offline VISA/MC options, above.

  • Pay online by credit card: To make your payment online and by Internet shopping basket, simply order through Internet retailers( except place InnerCircle or other discounted orders through us), including Amazon, B&N—and MennoLink Online Bookstore or our own Cascadia/Amazon.com Bookstore:


Terms, pricing, special offers subject to change without notice.


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