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Future Developments

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Noteworthy Past Developments

We're pleased to list a variety of noteworthy developments related to our books.

  • In Theolog, the blog of the Christian Century, assistant Century editor Steve Thorngate summarizes 118 Days and explores factors that led to the Cascadia edition.
  • In reviewing the Cascadia edition as part of its 12-15-08 weekly review, Publishers Weekly observed that "A deep current of nonviolent spirituality runs throughout the chapters, including the most memorable one: an eloquent, harrowing account by Jim Loney of his time in captivity that is worth the price of the book."
  • Where We Start, by Debra Gingerich, and I Saw God Dancing, by Cheryl Denise, were featured on two different editions of Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac (reaching over 300 public radio stations). See the Gingerich poem "To My Yugoslavian In-Laws" by going to the Almanac Archive and choosing the tab for the week that includes August 23, 2007. Or listen to the podcast of Keillor's reading.

    See the Denise poem "They'll" in the
    Almanac Archive by choosing the tab for the week that includes October 9, 2007. Or listen to the podcast.

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