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Summary:  Frost’s “momentary stay against confusion” is Barbara Esch Shisler’s mode of trying to make sense of life through poems that worry the riddles of getting old, family dynamics, dreams, prayer, the evening news, bees—not to mention  love, death, and God. 

Comment: "’Love every tedious beat/ of your dear and fleeting life,’ writes Barbara Esch Shisler in her poem, ‘To a Mountain.’ And she takes her own advice, plainly naming a world of pleasures and pains. In her gaze, African violets are ‘luscious birds in furry nests,’ and meals at the Nursing Home, ‘vague purees.’ The strange teachings of Jesus turn and flash in her imagination. These poems offer good company for anyone brave enough to face the freedom and losses that come with age." Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Author, Poetry in America

"In these brave, bright, searching poems, Shisler explores the fears and delights of that time of life when ‘Old and new make love all day, / their souls curved close / against chill and darkening.’ Within the necessary, painful recognitions of mortality and loss, Shisler finds her way to both an unsentimental faith and a lovely, celebrative lyricism." —Jeff Gundy, Author, Somewhere Near Defiance and Songs from an Empty Cage

"Barbara's poetry takes me places I wouldn't go on my own, often with the surprising result of going more deeply into my own reflections about life, aging, death, faith and family." —Richard A. Kauffman, Senior Editor and Book Review Editor, The Christian Century

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Market: Shisler’s poems should appeal to anyone who appreciates fine poetry and is moved by poems that amid life’s challenges and riddles and stages eloquently provide a “momentary stay against confusion.” 

Shelving:  Poetry; Anabaptist-Mennonite literature; Spirituality—Mennonite; Devotional verse—Gospel of Mark. BISAC: Poetry; RTM: 640 Poetry.

The Author: Barbara Esch Shisler is a retired Mennonite pastor and spiritual director, active in her Perkasie Mennonite congregation. Her life as wife, mother, and grandmother is filled with friends, gardening, dogs, movies, books and much more. Reading and writing poetry have been a lifelong joy and learning.

Publisher: Cascadia Publishing House LLC
Imprint: DreamSeeker Books
Copublisher: None
Cover: Designed by Gwen M. Stamm based on Marilyn Nolt image.
Publication date: February 2015
Approximate Pages: 82
Tentative Format: 5.5 x 8.5" trade paper
Prices: $12.95 US/Can. ISBN 13: 978-1-68027-002-0; ISBN 10: 1-68027-002-8

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