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Mennonite Church and Beyond

James C. Longacre

Foreword by Walter Brueggeman

"Every follower of Jesus will be inspired by the imaginative, life-giving insights. Other preachers will be stimulated by these sermons. In a time that does not always value good preaching, this book of sermons models the best." —John A. Lapp, reviewing in Mennonite Weekly Review

Summary: With wit and wisdom, these sermons draw us deeper into the meaning, joy, and culture-subverting power of the faith. They engage current and tough issues—suffering, judgment, family fights, war and peace, capitalism and its effects, dignity and justice for those on the lower rungs of wealth or power or status as well as those on top, and more. The sermons draw deeply from the poignant and pungent perspectives of the Scriptures. They also implicitly engage the thought of leading theologians and homileticians (including foreword writer Walter Brueggemann) as they convey the updraft of the biblical message and its vision of salvation, compassion, and justice.

"The biblical story is that broad and deep and wonderful, that the preacher — myself — never quite feels that we capture its breadth and depth. It exceeds our understanding and our ability to communicate, and such is the marvel of the biblical story." James C. Longacre, in a profile of his book and career featured in The Reporter

Comment: “Not often do oral sermons ring true in written form . . . but these do! . . . Not often do preachers take up controversial issues and walk us into new freedom and new courage beyond our predilections . . . but this one does! Not often is obedience cast in preaching as the good news of joy . . . but it happens here!” —Walter Brueggemann, in the Foreword

“In a world full of spiritual fast food, Jim Longacre’s sermons offer a glorious and life-giving feast for the soul, words to be chewed on and digested, words with potential to become incarnate in the lives of the faithful. Having had the privilege of experiencing a number of Jim’s sermons in person, I rejoice that they are now available to a wider audience.” —Nancy Light Gottshall, Associate Conference, Minister, Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ

“Longacre’s incisive mind, global perspective, dry wit, and keen theological insight make these biblical reflections wonderfully relevant for anyone on the road following Jesus.” —J. Nelson Kraybill, President, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana

“What a feast! With keen insight, able scholarship, and playful imagination, Longacre invites us to engage in serious theological reflection as followers of Jesus. His signature sermon articulates well the book’s contribution: ‘This is not the time for conventional wisdom.’” — Jim S. Amstutz, Co-Pastor, Akron Mennonite Church; Author, Threatened with Resurrection

Market: Preachers and pastors; congregational leaders; homileticians and students of preaching; anyone interested in thoughtful yet accessible and engaging sermons offering both challenge and promise, suitable to feed both the probing mind and the devotional heart.

Shelving: Theology—Anabaptist-Mennonite; Homiletics; Preaching; Biblical studies, Hermeneutics. BISAC: Religion. RTM: 690 Religion/Ethics

The Author: For forty years James C. Longacre, Barto, Pennsylvania, has served the Mennonite church in congregational, district, and national leadership roles. His preaching has had a prophetic edge and his church leadership a visionary perspective. He has been a pastor in three Mennonite congregations and was for 11 years the Franconia Mennonite Conference Coordinator. He has served on many boards, including the Mennonite Church General Board, the Mennonite Church Council on Faith, Life and Strategy; the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary Board of Directors; and more. For six years he chaired the U. S. Peace Section of the Mennonite Central Committee. Currently Longacre farms and serves congregations as visiting preacher and teacher

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