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Jesus Loves Women
A Memoir of Body and Spirit

Tricia Gates Brown

Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico; and author, Falling Upward: "Finally, the body is getting its due as the normal and gifted vehicle for Spirit! It has taken us a long time to realize the Christian obvious, and Tricia Gates Brown is making it both more obvious and thoroughly Christian."

"That Jesus loves women as much as men may seem obvious. But, as Gates Brown rightly argues, many churches have conveyed a different message. . . ." — Melanie Springer Mock, reviewing in Mennonite World Review

"From the constrictions of fundamentalism, to losing her self in a first marriage, an awakening to the grace of nature, a mystical friendship with a Trappist monk, a failed second marriage, a new communion with Mexican culture, and coming to a yearned place of wholeness, Gates Brown beautifully articulates in intimate detail her story."  —Hipfish Monthly

Summary:  Jesus Loves Women is the memoir of a girl raised in a fundamentalist Christian milieu she casts off at a young age and of her quest to find wholeness and home, spiritually and sexually.

Writing honestly about first love, marriage, divorce, sexuality, and the struggle to find home within herself, Tricia Gates Brown tells a story that is at once personal and universal. Her memoir is the story of a woman coming to understand divine love—for herself, for women, and for everyone who has stumbled his or her way into awareness and grace.

Jesus Loves Women is a story of grace, of how through the healing beauty of the Pacific coast and the friendship of a Trappist monk, Tricia awakens to a mystical understanding of God’s unconditional love. It is the story of how one woman finds freedom from the shame, social conventions, and religious pieties that constrict the lives of all women." —James Loney, Author of Captivity: 118 Days in Iraq and the Struggle for a World Without War, in the Foreword

"Like a late night talk with my best friend, Tricia’s book gave me intimate insights into her life, my life and God’s love for us. Her fresh, rich words draw me to examine my life and God’s movement through it. By openly sharing the secrets we typically hide, she invites us to give ourselves the grace God does and to journey toward unreserved living and loving."  —Susan Mark Landis, former Minister of Peace and Jusjlwe, Mennonite Church USA

"An honest, piercing, blunt, lyrical, remarkable writer about the endless chambers of joy and pain in the heart." —Brian Doyle, Author of the novel Mink River

Market: Anyone interested in a lyrical memoir combining a captivating narrative with unusually candid yet tender insights on sexuality and Christian spirituality informed by Buddhism.

Shelving: Memoir, autobiography; Personal experience—Women, sexuality; divorce. Theology—Christian, Buddhist-Christian, peace. BISAC: Autobiography; History, Religion.

The Author: Tricia Gates Brown, who has set up her own website for Jesus Loves Women, is a writer and poet working on the north coast of Oregon. She has a passion for gardening, walking, dancing, and contemplative prayer. She has one grown daughter and lives with her husband in a woodland cottage in the Nehalem River valley. 

Publisher: Cascadia Publishing House LLC
Imprint: DreamSeeker Books
Copublisher: None
Publication date: September 2011
Approximate Pages: 264
Tentative Format: 5.5 x 8.5" trade paper
Prices: $15.95 US/Can. ISBN 13: 978-1-931038-91-1; ISBN 10: 1-931038-91-0

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