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Meet the members of the
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Editorial Council

Julie Gochenour, Maurertown, Virginia, has had considerable experience as a writer and editor and possesses a keen eye for spotting writers' strengths and weaknesses. She has recently been an Eastern Mennonite Seminary student and as a CPH/PPUS student intern has provided skillful evaluation, editing, and copy editing services.

David Graybill, Harrisonburg, Virginia, is a founding member of the CPH/PPUS editorial council and also a member of the DreamSeeker Magazine council. He has served in numerous editorial and publishing roles for Good Books, Herald Press, and Mennonite Publishing House. Currently he teaches writing at Blue Ridge Community College, provides communication services for Eastern Mennonite University, and edits for CPH/PPUS.

Nancy Heisey, Harrisonburg, Virginia, is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Church History at Eastern Mennonite University and President, Mennonite World Conference. Her vision for CPH/PPUS includes the hope that "through its work Mennonites may have enhanced conversations with each other, and beyond our boundaries, on the things that matter to us as churches and communities."

Daniel Hertzler, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, has been office editor of Mennonite Community Magazine and editor of Christian Living, Builder, Gospel Herald, and a variety of Christian education publications. He is now an instructor for Unit II of Pastoral Studies Distance Education and edits for CPH/PPUS. He is a member of the DreamSeeker Magazine editorial council and writes regularly for the magazine. He is author of A Little Left of Center: An Editor Reflects on His Mennonite Experience (Dreamseeker Books, 2000).

Michael A. King, Telford, Pennsylvania, is CPH/PPUS publisher, founding editor of DreamSeeker Magazine, and pastor of Spring Mount (Pa.) Mennonite Church. He is author (with Ronald J. Sider) of Preaching about Life in a Threatening World (Westminster, 1987), Trackless Wastes and Stars to Steer By: Christian Identiy in a Homeless Age (Herald Press, 1990), Fractured Dance: Gadamer and Mennonite Conversations On Homosexuality (a volume in the C. Henry Smith series, Pandora Press U.S., 2001) and of many articles published in a wide range of magazines, including Christian Century. He has long written "Kingsview" columns (Christian Living, 1987-1997, DreamSeeker Magazine, 2001-). He loves words.

Richard A. Kauffman, Glen Elyn, Illinois, is a senior editor of both The Christian Century and Leader: Equipping the Missional Congregation. He is also a member of the DreamSeeker Magazine editorial council. He has been a pastor in Ohio, an editor at Mennonite Publishing House and at Christianity Today magazine, administrative vice president and instructor in theology at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, and a pastor and conference youth minister in Franconia Mennonite Conference. He is married to Suzanne Beechy; they have two married adult children and three grandchildren. Avocations include biking, reading, playing with his grandchildren when he gets the chance, listening to nearly every style of music, surfing the web, and watching NCAA basketball.

"The day of the &lsquogreat leader&rsquo who will bring us all home to the club house is likely past," Richard suggests, "but I think there is still a place for serious conversation among us concerning the issues facing the church today, one which might just capture the attention and imagination of the people in the gallery. CPH/PPUS may well be one of those players; time will tell. I pray it will be so."

Nancey Murphy, Pasadena, California, is Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary. A prolific writer, she is author of such books as Reconciling Theology and Science (Pandora Kitchener, 1997) and On the Moral Nature of the Universe: Theology, Cosmology, and Ethics (Fortress, 1996, with George F. R. Ellis). Among her main interests are the relation between Anglo-American philosophy (especially recent) and theology as well as the relations between theology and science. She is a member of the Church of the Brethren. Murphy envisions CPH/PPUS as a vehicle for "exchanging views on how the radical reformation tradition encounters contemporary issues" and sees Brazos Press (which tends to target more evangelical Christians) as providing a good model.

Elizabeth Raid, Richmond, Indiana, is originally from Bluffton, Ohio. She has worked for Mennonite Central Committee and the General Conference Mennonite Church (GCMC) in Latin America, lived for an extended time in Minnesota where she was involved in three family businesses, and most recently worked for the GCMC and Faith & Life Press in Newton, Kansas, as a house editor. In addition she has had responsibilities in development and convention planning.

Currently a free-lance writer and editor, Elizabeth attends Earlham School of Religion in partnership with Bethany Theological Seminary, Richmond, Indiana. She is in the middle of studies for a Master's of Divinity degree with an emphasis in the ministry of writing. Recently she has been the resident Patrick Henry Writing Scholar at Earlham

Regarding her vision for publishing, Elizabeth says that "My passion for the written word sees its power to contribute to and help shape the dialogue of what it means to be Anabaptist and how one lives that faith authentically in the twenty-first century. We must keep important models of faith from the past in front of us and at the same time extend the conversation to include new voices that will enhance the dialogue. In such a partnership we can discover and cultivate the rich soils where faith and life, theology and social action intersect."

Paul M. Schrock, Harrisonburg, Virginia, was a council member until his death in 2011. He retired in 2000 as Director of Herald Press Trade Books. For over forty years he has served the Mennonite publishing world in numerous editorial and leadership roles and played a key role in training his former employee and owner of Cascadia, Michael A. King, in publishing industry protocols.. He is a member not only of the CPH/PPUS editorial council but also of the DreamSeeker Magazine council. He sees CPH/PPUS as "a growing presence on the Anabaptist publishing scene" which is "increasingly important to thoughtful readers from many traditions."

Valerie Weaver-Zercher, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a founding member of the CPH/PPUS editorial council and worked for several years in various editorial roles, including as assistant editor and managing editor of Gospel Herald, at Mennonite Publishing House. She has received a master&rsquos degree in Reading/Writing/Literacy and was for several years assistant editor of DreamSeeker Magazine as well as author of "Marginalia," a DreamSeeker column. In 2001 she also became a mother, and has pondered, as she noted in a column in the inaugural issue of DreamSeeker Magazine, the meaning of being a "Gen-X feminist who finds herself pregnant and without a real job."

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