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Editor's note, 2015: New issues of DreamSeeker Magazine are not currently being released but authors can go to Kingsview & Co,
the updated extension of DreamSeeker Magazine. Although Kingsview & Co only publishes occasionally guest posts, those of interest will still conform to the guidelines below. 


A key part of the DreamSeeker Magazine vision is to support the work of gifted writerswithout whose inspired contributions the magazine of course could not exist.

The limited space available in a quarterly magazine does not allow us to accept numerous unsolicited articles, particularly once we make space for articles by regular columnists and those we solicit. Nevertheless, we do want to publish some unsolicited writing, aim to treat all unsolicited submissions respectfully, and accept as many of them as we can.

Shorter articles (averaging 750-1000 words) have a somewhat better chance of acceptance than longer articles (in the 1500-2000 word range).

We do actively encourage two types of unsolicited submissions: brief letters to the editor (preferably no longer than 100 words) and short response articles (350-400 words maximum). Response articles have a better chance of acceptance than regular articles because they are shorter, we aim to reserve space in each issue for such writing, and publishing such pieces is one way we can signal our interest not only in presenting articles but also in learning more about what our readers are thinking.

Submit queries or articles to DSM@CascadiaPublishingHouse.com or by mail to Editor, DreamSeeker Magazine, at the Telford address above left.

(Any unsolicited articles submitted by mail without SASE are unlikely to be returned.)

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