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Welcome to DreamSeeker Magazine, founded to link readers interested in attending to "voices from the soul" with Anabaptist-related writers committed to exploring from the heart, with passion, depth, and flair, their own visions and issues of the day.

Published by Cascadia Publishing House (the new name of Pandora Press U.S.)/DreamSeeker Books, DreamSeeker Magazine will chart its own course while also participating in the broader mission of Cascadia Publishing House, which includes "aiming to give voice to authors able to offer fresh and creative visions as well as to bridge polarized theological stances. Nurturing strong sales is important to the CPH mission—but mission comes first, sales next" (see www.CascadiaPublishingHouse.com for more).

To begin the DreamSeeker Magazine journey, simply click on HTML or Acrobat PDF version (which is a near-duplicate of paper version of magazine except that PDF version graphics are a bit grainy because your download times would soar if we used higher resolution) of current issue or visit back issues

United Press International Religion & Spirituality Forum says that "The people who put out DreamSeeker obviously know how to design a website and some of them admit to reading Harry Potter. The magazine takes on realworld issues in a manner that is hip, unsullied and often beautifully lyrical. These aren't your daddy's Mennonites, and yet the faith is every bit as strong, so you can't say the apple fell far from the tree either. Best to put our labels and concepts away and just call them writers' writers."

If you have any feedback, we welcome hearing from you at DSM@CascadiaPublishingHouse.com or other contact options at left. Join DSM e-mail list to receive free e-mailed version of magazine

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