Foreword by John L Ruth 9
Authors’ Preface 12
Acknowledgments 15

Part I: Historical Background • 17
ow did Germantown begin?
Peace-Church Commonalities
Mennonites in America, Before Germantown
A Special Ship, the Concord
Early Life in Germantown
Three Early Germantowners Describe
Their Culture and Life
The Anti-Slavery Petition of 1688
The Battle of Germantown
Germantown, after the Colonial Era

Part II: The Colonial Germantown
Mennonites, Pictorially • 33

Part III: Tour Guide • 49
The Rittenhouse Homestead
The Germantown Mennonite Meetinghouse
The Wyck House
The Johnson House
The Concord Schoolhouse
The Upper Burial Ground
Father Kelpius’ Cave
The Brethren Meetinghouse
Christopher Sauer’s Print Shop

Epilogue 65
Map of Colonial Mennonite and Brethren Sites 66
Appendix: Historic Sketch, written in 1923 67
Notes 74
Select Bibliography 75
The Authors 77

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