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Marian Franz and Conscientious
Objection to Military Taxation

 Marian Franz with editors Tim Godshall,
David R. Bassett, and Steve Ratzlaff

Summary: These 47 essays by Marian Franz, as relevant today as when she wrote them, span her 23 years of lobbying the U.S. Congress to enact the Peace Tax Fund Bill, which would allow conscientious objectors to pay taxes into a fund for nonmilitary purposes only. In addition to the Peace Tax Fund Bill, Franz delved into the definition of conscience, antidotes to apathy, profiles of nonviolent activists, the high cost and many victims of militarism, and the need to forgive.

Franz is joined by eight colleagues—Andy Jacobs, Barbara Green, L. William Yolton, Ruth Benn, Edward F. Snyder, Derek Brett, and Willard M. Swartley—who contribute chapters unique to their perspectives and expertise on topics such as international human rights, the history of conscientious objection in the U.S., the relationship between war tax resistance and the Peace Tax Fund, the biblical basis for war tax resistance, and personal memories of Franz. 

With stories gleaned from lobbying visits, extensive reading, travels and life experience, Marian Franz consistently crafted essays full of hope and inspiration.Though she passed away in 2006, this book is a poignant reminder of an amazing woman and her message which will not go away.

Comment: "These splendid essays vividly offer the daring vision of a bold visionary. Marian Franz had the intellectual vision and political courage to seek to change the conventional wisdom. Marian's gentle daring and humble boldness live on in these powerful essays." —Ronald J. Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action

"This book demonstrates not only [Marian's] legislative expertise, but the many challenges facing an articulate, deeply religious advocate for legislation which applies the conscientious objector test in the draft law to the federal income tax laws. Based on her experience in Congress, Marian worked with leaders in other countries to take the issue worldwide. This book is much more than a book about peace legislation in Congress. It is an antidote to frustration and a source of hope, laced with humility and humor, which is sure to appeal to peace and justice advocates of all persuasions." —Edward F. Snyder, Executive Secretary, 1962-1990, Friends Committee on National Legislation

"The United Methodist Church would not have a policy on the Peace Tax Fund if it were not for Marian's persistence." —Jaydee Hanson, United Methodist General Board of Church and Society

Market: Peace activists, those interested in human rights, legal scholars, historians, anyone interested in the rights of conscience.

Shelving: Peacemaking, pacifism, nonviolence; Peace Tax Fund; Marian Franz. BISAC: Religion, Social Sciences. RTM: 690 Religion/Ethics

The Author and Editors: Marian Franz was for 23 years executive director of the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund. After her 2006 death of cancer, NCPTF board members Steve Ratzlaff and David R. Bassett along with former NCPPTF staff member Tim Godshall committed to completing this project. They then selected Marian’s strongest essays, invited eight additional authors to contribute, and edited the results. 

Publisher: Cascadia Publishing House
Copublisher: Herald Press, Scottdale, PA
Published in association with The Peace Tax Foundation
Publication date: May 2009 (copies available now)
Approximate Pages: 212
Format: 6 x 9 trade paper
Prices: $19.95 US/Can. ISBN 13:  978-1-931038-59-1; ISBN 10: 1-931038-59-7


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