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Anabaptists and Postmodernity

C. Henry Smith Series 1

Susan and Gerald Biesecker-Mast

Foreword by J. Denny Weaver


“If you think 'postmodern Anabaptist' is an oxymoron, you should read this book. Most important is its argument, furthered by a number of authors, for the entanglement among theology, philosophy, and power structures—in light of which the dominant theology of modernity can be recognized as but one tradition among others, with its particular social commitments.” —Nancey Murphy, Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary

“The ethical motivation of postmodern discourse has always been to end the violence imposed by marginalizing metanarratives and totality systems. In such a context Christians can speak of the truth of the story of Jesus with integrity only if equally committed to peace and nonviolence. This suggests the Anabaptist tradition is a unique site for a profound engagement between Christian faith and postmodernity. This book makes an invaluable contribution to such engagement.” —Brian Walsh, Christian Reformed Campus Minister to the University of Toronto and co-author, Truth is Stranger Than It Used To Be: Biblical Faith in a Postmodern Age

Anabaptists and Postmodernity offers a delightful diversity of voices and perspectives on two highly contested and deeply rich terms.” —Elaine Swartzentruber, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Wake Forest University

“This volume is convincing evidence of a reinvigorated and intellectually self- confident Anabaptism—thanks to John Howard Yoder—that will help lead the Church through the pitfalls and potentialities of postmodernism.” —Timothy R. Phillips, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Wheaton College

“What sets this delightfully engaging book apart from so many others is that it explores postmodernity from within the contours of a particular set of traditions." —Philip D. Kenneson, Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Milligan College

Summary: In Anabaptists and Postmodernity, the radical Christian witness of sixteenth-century Anabaptists encounters the postmodern consumer culture of twenty-first century North America.

Readers will find themselves in the middle of a vigorous conversation about the renewal in the secular West of Anabaptist-related intellectual and church life. The book offers inderdisciplinary proposals for such renewal. First, the cultural and religious context for renewal is established through religious criticism of postmodern theories as well as revisionary analysis of historical and literary narratives. Second, concrete options for church transformation emerge through theological proposals for practical discipleship and ethical challenges to contemporary social habits. Throughout, writers ponder the visible shape of church witness in a dramatically changing world.

Classification: Postmodernity; Postmodernism; Modernism; Anabaptism; Theology; Philosophy. BISAC: Literary Criticism and Essays; Philosophy; Religion/Bibles; Social Sciences. RTM: 495 Literary Criticism; 610 Philosophy; 690 Religion/Ethics; 750 Sociology.

The Editors: Susan Biesecker-Mast is assistant professor of communication at Bluffton (Oh.) College and has published numerous essays on classical and postmodern rhetorics. Gerald Biesecker-Mast is assistant professor of communication at Bluffton College and has written various articles on Anabaptist-Mennonite persuasion.

The Contributors: Susan Biesecker-Mast, Gerald Biesecker-Mast, Peter Blum, J. R. Burkholder, J. Lawrence Burkholder, Leo Driedger, Thomas Finger, Jeff Gundy, Stanley Hauerwas, Thomas Hielke, Scott Holland, Chris Huebner, Douglas Jacobsen, Michael A. King, Marlene Kropf, John D. Roth, Gerald Schlabach, John Stahl-Wert, Hilde Froese Tiessen, Paul Tiessen, J. Denny Weaver.

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