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Anabaptist Preaching
A Conversation Between Pulpit, Pew, and Bible

Edited by David B. Greiser and Michael A. King

Foreword by Brian McLaren

Summary: Karl Barth is reported to have said that in the ministry of preaching, it is God who speaks. Anabaptist Christians have long believed God's voice is heard best when all those who are filled with the Spirit are part of a conversation: the preacher, the congregation, and the Bible itself. In these chapters, all commissioned for this book, a community of Anabaptist scholars reflect on the nature and character of each element in the homiletical conversation.

In 14 chapters (plus study guide) ranging across such topics as postmodernity, hermeneutics, grace, doctrine, multiculturalism, power and persuasion, narrative, collaboration, and much more, the writers ponder the unique perspective on preaching offered by Anabaptism. Authors include David B. Greiser Nancy R. Heisey, Dennis Hollinger, Lynn Jost, Michael A. King, Renée Sauder, Mary Schertz, Nathan D. Showalter, Rebecca Slough, David A. Stevens, Ervin R. Stutzman, Mark R. Wenger, Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm, and June Alliman Yoder. Authors include David B. Greiser, Nancy R. Heisey, Dennis Hollinger, Lynn Jost, Michael A. King, Renée Sauder, Mary Schertz, Nathan D. Showalter, Rebecca Slough, David A. Stevens, Ervin R. Stutzman, Mark R. Wenger, Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm, and June Alliman Yoder. Includes notes and index.

Comment: "Teachers of preaching will be grateful for this volume that gives a scholarly, historical and analytical overview to the Anabaptist preaching tradition. Theological themes and emphases of the early Anabaptist movement are still heard in Anabaptist preaching today; all Protestant and Reformed traditions would be richer for hearing them."
Nancy Lammers Gross, Arthur Sarell Rudd Associate Professor of Speech Communication in Ministry, Princeton Theological Seminary

"Finally, an outstanding group of Anabaptist scholars freely offer the homiletical gifts of their tradition to everyone who has ‘ears to hear.’ Listen closely to these writers, and you will discover how your own preaching can be transformed into a deeply communal, grace-filled form of biblical, theological, and prophetic witness."
—John S. McClure, Charles G. Finney Professor of Homiletics, The Divinity School, Vanderbilt University

"Anabaptist Preaching should be a welcome addition to any evangelical preacher’s library."
—Carol M. Noren, Wesley W. Nelson Professor of Homiletics, North Park Theological Seminary

"Because I have been so kindly treated by my Anabaptist sisters and brothers, and because they have helped me see their treasures, perhaps I am well-placed to invite other non-Anabaptists to enjoy the same hospitality I have enjoyed . . .in the house of the Radical Reformation, and to savor, with me, the unique treasures found there. . . ."
—Brian McLaren, Pastor and Speaker as well as Author of A New Kind of Christian, Finding Faith, The Church on the Other Side, and more,
in the Foreword

"In a world that tends to homogenize everything, Anabaptist preachers need voices that call them to faithful Anabaptist preaching. Can sermon delivery reflect our valuing of community? How can preaching become more biblical? This book will raise many important questions for preachers."
—Beryl H. Brubaker, Academic Provost and Graduate Dean, Eastern Mennonite University

"These fourteen women and men contribute substantially to a new generation of Anabaptist and Mennonite preaching. While oriented in Scripture and the historical Anabaptist tradition, they boldly take on the challenge of current communication theories and hermeneutics for a postmodern context."
—James M. Lapp, Conference Pastor, Franconia Mennonite Conference

"This stimulating work is a ‘yes, but’ book. It challenges us with preaching as privilege and responsibility. Anabaptist Preaching opens windows for us into the larger space of ministry as spokespersons for the Master." More. . . .
—Myron S. Augsburger, Author of The Robe of God; President Emeritus, Eastern Mennonite University; Evangelist

Market: Preachers; homiletics faculty; college, seminary, or continuing education students; anyone interested in a guide to contemporary preaching as viewed from an Anabaptist perspective.

Shelving: Preaching—Anabaptist-Mennonite; Rhetoric; Communication; Homiletics; BISAC: Religion. RTM: 690 Religion/Ethics

The Editors: David B. Greiser, Souderton, Pennsylvania is a pastor at Souderton Mennonite Church and Adjunct Professor of Preaching and Church History at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Biblical Theological Seminary. He has served in a many wider-church leadership, writing, and speaking roles. Michael A. King, Telford, Pennsylvania, is pastor of Spring Mount Mennonite Church, a publisher, and editor of DreamSeeker Magazine. King is author of three books, including Preaching about Life in a Threatening World (co-authored with Ron Sider, Westminster, 1987).

Publisher: Cascadia Publishing House (the new name of Pandora Press U.S.)
Copublisher: Herald Press, Scottdale, PA
Publication date: November 30, 2003 (copies available now)
Pages: 238
Format: 6 x 9 trade paper
Prices: $22.95 US, $34.95 Can.
ISBN: 1-931038-19-8

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