DreamSeeker Poetry Series

Books in the DreamSeeker Poetry Series, intended to make available fine writing by Anabaptist-related poets, are published by Cascadia Publishing House under the DreamSeeker Books imprint and often copublished with Herald Press. Cascadia oversees content of these poetry collections in collaboration with the DreamSeeker Poetry Series Editor Jeff Gundy (Jean Janzen volumes 1-5) as well as in consultation with its Editorial Council and the authors themselves.

1. On the Cross
By Dallas Wiebe, 2005

2. I Saw God Dancing
By Cheryl Denise, 2005

3. Evening Chore
By Shari Wagner, 2005

4. Where We Start
By Debra Gingerich, 2007

5. The Coat Is Thin
By Leonard Neufeldt, 2008

6. Miracle Temple
By Esther Yoder Stenson, 2009

7. Storage Issues
By Suzanne Miller, 2010

8. Face to Face
By Julie Cadwallader-Staub, 2010

9. What's in the Blood
By Cheryl Denise, 2012

10. The Apple Speaks
By Becca J. R. Lachman, 2012

11. Momentary Stay
By Barbara Shisler, 2015.

12. What the Body Knows
By Jean Janzen, 2015

13. Cadabra
By Jen Kindbom, 2015

14. Cornfields, Cottonwoods, Seagulls, and Sermons: Growing up in Nebraska
By Joseph Gascho, 2017

Also worth noting are two poetry collections that would likely have been included in the series had it been in existence then:

1. Empty Room with Light
By Ann Hostetler, 2002

2. A Liturgy for Stones
By David Wright, 2003

And DreamSeeker Books continues to release occasional high-caliber collections of poems outside of the DreamSeeker Poetry Series:

1. The Mill Grinds Fine: Collected Poems
By Helen Wade Alderfer, 2009

2. How Trees Must Feel
By Chris Longenecker, 2011

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