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The Absent Christ cover Let the Children Come to me cover
Acquiring Land cover Yoder School cover

The Absent Christ: An Anabaptist Theology of the Empty Tomb
Weaver and Miller
Let the Children Come to Me: Nurturing Anabaptist Faith Within Families

Memoir by Rohrer
Acquiring Land
Memoir by Swartz
Yoder School


On the Banks of Jacobs Creek cover thumbnail
The Farm Wife's Almanac cover Safehold cover

On the Banks of Jacobs Creek: A History of the Scottdale Mennonite Churches
Education with the Grain of the Universe: A Peaceable Vision for the Future of Mennonite Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Poems by Wagner
The Farm Wife's Almanac
Poems by Hostetler

Lee, ACRS Memoirs 4
Making a Difference in the Journey: The Geography of Our Faith: Brethren and Mennonite stories
Mast and Mast
Human Sexuality in Biblical Perspective

Poems by Gascho
Cornfields, Cottonwoods, Seagulls, and Sermons
Poems by Kindbom

Poems by Janzen, What the Body Knows

Poems by Shisler, Momentary Stay
Gingerich and Hostetter Martin, ACRS Memoirs 3, Re-Envisioning Service
Weaver and Weaver, 
Living the Anabaptist Story

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Invitation: Big bookstores buy little ones. Huge Internet companies eat big bookstores. What happens to the soulful voices, the quirky voices, voices with so much to say but so few books sold? You want to publish or read off the beaten trail—whether to the right, the left, or right there in the middle, just not the same-old same-old. But where do you go? Try Cascadia Publishing House LLC or its imprint, DreamSeeker Books.

Mission: Supporting examination of faith, history, and contemporary life from an Anabaptist perspective, Cascadia Publishing House LLC is an Anabaptist-Mennonite publisher serving Anabaptist, Mennonite, Christian, and general readers. Amid ferment, diversity, and conflict in culture and church, Cascadia authors offer creative visions and bridge conflictual stances. Strong sales are vital to the Casadia mission—but mission comes first, sales next.

Cascadia LLC releases leading-edge theological and scholarly volumes under the Cascadia label and popular books through the DreamSeeker Books imprint. Cascadia publishes independently and in coordination with other presses, sponsors DreamSeeker Magazine, now extended through blog posts by Michael A. King and guests at Kingsview & Co, and offers InnerCircle Readers Club no-obligation updates and discounts.

From Pandora Press U.S. (PPUS) to Cascadia LLC: In 2003 Pandora U.S. was renamed Cascadia. In 2007 Cascadia and PPUS became divisions of Cascadia Publishing House LLC, which supports Cascadia and PPUS books.

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